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08 Feb John Titor

The case of John Titor It was something more than a meme or a fashion. He was one of the first cases in which Internet was invented something and ended up believing it themselves.

They are possible the? time travel? It is a question that has been done around the world, from the theoretical physicist most awarded to anyone who has made a mistake and want to fix history.

The time travel they are not possible, at least with the knowledge that humanity has today. But, and if a traveler came from the future? Could we rely on him or her and learn from the future to prevent this? In the year 2000, Internet made those questions with the arrival of John Titor.

John Titor a time traveler in the time of the BBS

john-titor-viajeros-en-el-tiempo-viaje-en-el-tiempoJohn Titor was a user of BBS, electronic bulletin boards. I'm talking about a time in which the email was the primary method of communication for the network, apart from the IRC chats and web forums, but even then the BBS were somewhat outdated already. They basically were like today, forums where users could discuss, share files or even play. In the same way that you can hang an advertisement on a bulletin board, the BBS allowed anyone to talk about their things.
But the user who used the nickname TimeTravel_0 in the Forum Time Travel Institute He didn't speak anything. He talked about the future. According to its history, its name was John Titor, a time traveler, and came from the year 2036. To prove it, was hanging small pieces of information, such as schemes of their the time machine, but never enough as to join all the lines.
John Titor He was short and concise, messages as a soldier who presented a report, because it is what it was, a US soldier who had been sent to the past for a very important mission.

john-titor-maquina-del-tiempo-viajero-del-tiempo-viajeros-en-el-tiempoThe Mission of John Titor

The Mission consisted in travel to the year 1970 in search of an IBM 5100 computerconsidered to be one of the first computers that presented the concept of portability (although weighed their 24 kg). The reason is that this computer was necessary to edit several programs that were still used in the 2036.

Little by little, the story was revealing winks, frames and ulterior motives that engaged in more people, who in turn shared it on other sites. For example, it was not coincidence that John Titor It came from the 2036 and who seek a IBM 5100, as it is well known that in 2038 will come into effect a bug related to the operating system Unix derivatives such as Linux and Mac OS X. That year in 32-bit systems clock "will return", since the bits will end to represent the date, so again on 13 February 1901, with potentially catastrophic consequences for the system used in the future.

john-titor-viajero-del-tiempo-viajeros-en-el-tiempo-IBM-5100The IBM 5100 It was also important because according to John Titor It had the ability to emulate a mainframe, much larger and more expensive systems, a capability that was not publicized at the time because IBM didn't want to end up with your own business. This feature was then confirmed by one of the engineers of IBM, Bob Dubke.

We must remember that in 2000 we had survived the "effect 2000", a similar problem on the way in which computers have the time which in the end proved not so. But in the collective memory was still fear that we had to that bugas well as the history of John Titor It was not strange. Then, why? John Titor was it in the year 2000? For "personal" reasons, he claimed, to collect information from the world before the war (another detail that dropped as if it wasn't nothing) and see his family.

John Titor's predictions

Being a the time traveler's, to John Titor not missing stories of the future. As he explained, the time travel would be discovered by CERN in 2001, in 2004 a new Civil war would start in the United States, which would end in 2015 with the start of World War III, which John Titor It was one of the survivors.

john-titor-insignia-viajero-del-tiempo-viajeros-en-el-tiempoAlthough John Titor stopped publishing in March 2001the legend was already born and was not going to die. The forums were filled with John Titors false that they tried to continue the story, photographs manipulated in that they saw to Titor at various historical times, and alleged similarities with what had been predicted, as that in 2015 there would be a black President in the White House.

An influence on modern fiction

John Titor It was more than just a user of Internet forums, he was a legend, that has even made the leap to science fiction stories, from books to plays and music discs. But perhaps the best-known example of video game Steins; Gatemore specifically its anime series.

Steins; Gate part of the idea that the journey of John Titusr was real, and adds own screenplay drafts, CERN (called SERN to avoid problems) is a cover for a secret organization that seeks to achieve and control travel in time. The protagonist of the story, which seems crazy at first glance (a "mad scientist", as defines itself), see that all their madness are real and that it has created a time machine.

steins-gate-john-titor-viajeros-en-el-tiempoIt is a highly recommended series just that you like the concept of travel in time. The manga has been published in Spanish by editorial Ivrea, but to get the series or the game you will have to know English.

A creation of Internet for the Internet

John Titor It was a phenomenon that is still being discussed in the network. Most of his predictions didn't come true, although he warned that your own trip could have altered the timeline. In the end, none of that matters, because the story of Titor was really exciting, and for a few months every Internet was pending that would reveal

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John Titor
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