Mandela effect - Remember moments that have never occurred
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Is possible remember moments that never have happened?


14 jan Is possible remember moments that never have happened?

Imagine that you see an article that, at last, refresh you memory on a famous series of drawings that you loved to see small. Do not you remember its title, nor much of what passed, but if the characters were rabbits Samurai and that there was a scene in which the protagonist must prove themselves splitting into pieces a carrot. Finally someone responds to that which you have asked for so long!

Now imagine that all that he is lying, that it has been a false memory that has caused you few counterfeit products of merchandising and the suggestion of a prankster who climbed a small clip. How it can that you've even remembered some segments of a series that doesn't even exist be?

That's what you are wondering a while several members of groups like Reddit or Forocoches as a result of the discovery of the Mandela effect. The origin of this phenomenon dates from 2010, and the holes in our collective memory that this people has been discovering you can leave with your mouth open.

The Mandela (never) died in prison, changed titles


Mandela effect It is a term he coined: the blogger Fiona Broome, a few years ago. As she herself had, there were many people to his around, including herself, who remembered having seen on television exactly the moment that Nelson Mandela died in prison. The funeral in his honor, and everything else. Indeed, Mandela survived the presidio, and lived for some time out of it before his death.

But as much as you tell him to the convinced that that is so, that his memory might have played a dirty trick, many costs them assume it. They saw him "with their own eyes".

Examples of the phenomenon populate the networks, especially since August, 2015, moment in which the term has begun to spread. In the Anglo-Saxon communities there are special controversy by a former children's series that everyone saw and which, to his surprise, it was not called “The Berenstein Bears”, but “The Berenstain Bears”, with “To”. Thousands of people are outraged at this change in nomenclature, and much to rummage in their old tapes, are not justified to all of them agree that it was written with “E”.

And you? Did you see the replay of Tiananmen Square? Yes, that man who stood in front of tanks as a sign of peace. According to several spectators of the fact, tank ended up rolling to the Chinese man, passing above it and leaving even a puddle of blood. To the surprise of these spectators, any video on Youtube shows how tank stopped at the man for a long time until other civilians will be with the demonstrator, intact.

One thing: how many people would drive from Kennedy when they killed him? No, they weren't four people, although remember it as well. They were six.

A coup d'etat, Ricky Martin and the hoaxes which never took place

efecto-mandela-golpe-de-estado-viajeros-en-el-tiempoA couple of notorious examples are given in the Spanish panorama. Maybe many people law and perjure that he recalls how the day of the 23-F was experienced by the retransmission of TV what was happening inside the Palace of the courts. The cries of Tejero, the shaking to Gutiérrez Mellado... But in truth, the "night of transistors" was only retrasmitida live radio, and which they believed to be seeing images of what happened inside they should mix your memories with the half-hour that Yes was issued later hit.

Although group rewriting phenomenon always was the famous surprise surprise program starred by Ricky Martin. The girl who was caught in flagrante delicto with a jar of jam and the company of his dog is a scene that was remembered by thousands of people for years, although it seems that the origin of the hoax was a call to a radio program the next morning making up this story and the spread of Word of mouth.

Even to this day there are people convinced that Antena 3 would have deleted the images from a video that retrasmitió originally at the end of the 90s.

No, these things did not occur, and there are still many people cannot afford this effect, those crisp images of a moment that now tell us that did not take place, as if Phillip K. Dick It had never been wrong.

Parallel worlds and virtual realities

The good thing about this phenomenon is that, thanks to his life on the Internet, it has helped that examples of the effect extend thousands of group and personal anecdotes. And also to a lot of people begin to seek explanations in areas away from the scientific field. Because, and if it were a conspiracy?

Among the possible justifications to the Mandela effectin one of their official pages they attribute it to a quantum phenomenon by which consciousness is apparently able to travel by different parallel universes and people who experience these memories may not be in your universe of origin.

Theories surrounding this suggest that human consciousness moves by rules and laws of the quantum universe and therefore have memories of other realities, parallel worlds, is possible. I.e., that there are parallel realities very similar among themselves but which leave small points of error that make us feel uncomfortable to discover them. For others, the world is a software, and the Mandela effect they are the glitches that give us the clue of the system in which we live. Bugs in Matrix, go.

Of course, everything could be a plot by the Government, especially in the historical memories. Perhaps the CIA which was subsequently added to two others in the car of JFK, all so we may never know the truth.

There is who you are blaming the particle accelerator and CERN.

Looking for the bug in the painful human memory

Far more plausible explanations are a combination of factors that are around the same idea: our memory is flawed and does not work as well as we'd like. Some of these possible explanations are:

Effect of the disinformation: If you don't have a deep reminder of a fact, someone tells you what happened at that time and that tells you is a lie, it is possible that your memory set be true this false fact based on what someone else has told you.

Confirmation bias: our mind tends to find, interpret or remember information so that you confirm our beliefs or assumptions. The more you attract the Mandela effectmore holes you'll see in the past to confirm this effect.

Cryptomnesia: our brain can sometimes place things that we have imagined in the place of memory. So they start many Mandela effectswith someone that he imagined some thing and then said to the others.

False attribution to the memory: Although the facts do not change, it may be wrong. If always had heard that the Tiananmen man overwhelmed him a tank (though false), it is normal that, When say you that that was not so, “to visualize” that scene. Our minds are not predisposed by nature to accept new interpretations of things that we took for safe.

False memory: mental disorder common among those affected by post-traumatic stress, at times, if we have experienced some traumatic event, our brain adapts lived to a few new memories more acceptable (this might only be a circumstantial response to some of the episodes of the) Mandela effect that it affects only the particular memory of a person).

Cognitive dissonance: as with the bad memory allocation, if anything you have contradict your interpretation of a dimension of reality (such as a memory or your strongest ideological beliefs) your brain will reject this new interpretation and the information that accompanies it.

Confabulation: effect some people that they produce unconsciously incorrect memories on the more mundane details (this is seen in the majority of the) Effects of Mandela), but it could reach new more complex memories. In general, people suffering it are people extremely confident in their memories and normally resist any contradictory evidence.

List with the best examples of the Mandela effect

The earliest scene of the film of J.J. Abrams Super 8 It is not the moment in which the two main characters are a kiss. In fact, Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney never kissed. That scene does not exist.
Tom Cruise in the famous scene of rodriguez dance in Risky Business was not dancing with sunglasses on. I was going without glasses. Despite this, practically all imitations of the scene you see will lead glasses.


Many people remember how in the portrait of Enrique VIII by Hans Holbein the young leader was carrying in his hand a Turkey leg. That idea is false, in the box does not carry any type of food in hand.

If you say that you draw the C3PO in the original episode surely you draw it with your sheet metal bathed in gold. But in reality, one of his legs was silver.

The puppet representing the Monopoly has no Monocle. It has never taken him. Seriously.

There are many people convinced that the character Chakotay on Star Trek: Voyager killed it in an episode after that, a few chapters later, returns with life. But the plot is completely invented.

In one of the old films of James Bond, Moonraker, there is a female character named Dolly who wore braids glasses and dental apparatus. Any image that movie will show that the actress Blanch Ravalec never led appliance for those scenes.

In fact, there are now on Reddit several users arguing over the existence of a stage film cartoon that everyone remembers, called Shazaam. Supposedly, American comedian Sinbad had starred in an exploitation of the genie from Aladdin. The comedian has already publicly stated that the film does not exist, and although it is likely that they are confusing it with another, they remain determined that it was real.

Are not exactly examples of Mandela effect, rather the product of a ball of misinformation generated over the years. But surely you remember the famous lines of all these films incorrectly:

“Play it again, Sam” is actually “Play it, Sam”.

“Luke, I am your father” he wouldn't. Is “No, I am your father”. And neither Constantino Romero remembered.

“Barking, Sancho, signal that we ride” It isn't in Don Quixote, is a falsification of a few verses in a poem by Goethe.

The speech of “Be OR not be” It was never done with a skull, it was to be a dagger or anything.

And now what touches us is to spread the truth of this matter.

Source: Engadget, by Esther Miguel Trula.

Is possible remember moments that never have happened?
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