Travelers-series of travel in the time
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Travelers – Number of journeys in time


17 jan Travelers – Number of journeys in time

Synopsis of the series of journeys in time Travelers

Hundreds of years into the future, last surviving humans on Earth discover media to send his consciousness through time to the past, directly to the people of the 21st century. The travelers at the time assume quickly them lives of people apparently chosen to the random while begin to work of way secret in teams to perform missions that save the humanity of a terrible future.

These travelers are: the agent special of the FBI Grant MacLaren (Eric McCormack), leader of the team; Marcy (Mackenzie Porter), a young woman with intellectual disabilities under the care of his social worker, David (Patrick Gilmore); Trevor (Jared Paul Abrahamson), field marshal (quarterback) in your school football team; Carly (Nesta Marlee Cooper), mother unmarried that is found in a relationship abusive; and Philip (Reilly Dolman), a student College addicted to the heroin.

Armed only with his knowledge of history and an archive of social networking profiles, travelers discover the lives and relations in the 21st century are a challenge as big as their high-risk missions.

Travelers is a series of trips in the time original of Netflix's gender dramatic with ingredients of science fiction, that is written, created and produced by WGC and Brad Wright ()Stargate: Atlantis).

The truth is that the first episode is pretty fast, seems a series with good pace, although if I had to choose one series of travel in the time with the aim to save humanity, I stayed with 12 Monkeys or Continuum. In this variety the taste and add it without hesitation to my personal list not to grow.

I leave the trailer to see if you hooked:

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Travelers – Number of journeys in time
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