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The Autons are a classic villainous race from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. They first appeared in the show’s second season in 1970 and have made several appearances over the years. The Autons are robotic beings created by an alien race known as the Nestene Consciousness, which seeks to take over the Earth and use it as a source of energy. These creatures are known for their ability to take on human form and their ability to control inanimate objects, such as shop mannequins and plastic flowers, to use as weapons. This makes them a formidable enemy for the Doctor and his companions to face. The Autons have become a beloved part of Doctor Who lore and continue to be a fan favorite to this day.

Exploring the Mysterious Autons in Doctor Who – Everything You Need to Know

Doctor Who has introduced many creatures and villains over the years, but few are as mysterious and intriguing as the Autons. These plastic beings have been a recurring threat in the series, and they have left fans wondering about their origins and motivations.

What are the Autons?

The Autons are a type of artificial life form made of plastic. They were created by the Nestene Consciousness, a disembodied alien intelligence that seeks to conquer the universe. The Nestene Consciousness uses the Autons as its foot soldiers, controlling them through a psychic link.

How do the Autons look and behave?

The Autons have a humanoid shape, but their faces are featureless and expressionless. They are made of plastic, which makes them virtually indestructible. They can also shape-shift, allowing them to take on the appearance of any object made of plastic. This ability makes them particularly dangerous, as they can hide in plain sight.

The Autons are also completely obedient to the Nestene Consciousness, and they will stop at nothing to carry out its orders. They are relentless and single-minded in their pursuit of their objectives.

What is the history of the Autons in Doctor Who?

The Autons first appeared in the 1970 episode «Spearhead from Space,» in which they were used by the Nestene Consciousness to invade Earth. They were defeated by the Third Doctor and his companions, but they returned in later episodes, such as «Terror of the Autons» and «Rose.»

Over the years, the Autons have been portrayed in different ways, but they have always been a formidable threat to the Doctor and his allies. They have been shown to be capable of causing mass destruction and chaos, and they have been responsible for many deaths and injuries.

What are some notable Auton appearances?

One of the most memorable Auton appearances was in the episode «Rose,» which marked the return of Doctor Who after a long hiatus. In this episode, the Nestene Consciousness used the Autons to launch an invasion of Earth, and the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler had to stop them.

The Autons also appeared in the 50th anniversary special «The Day of the Doctor,» in which they were used by the Zygons to create a replica of London. The Eleventh Doctor and his companions had to stop the Zygons and the Autons from destroying the city.

What makes the Autons so intriguing?

The Autons are intriguing because they are so different from most other Doctor Who villains. They are not organic beings, but artificial ones, and they are controlled by a powerful alien intelligence. Their ability to shape-shift and blend in with their surroundings makes them particularly dangerous, as they can strike at any time and from any direction.

The Autons also raise interesting questions about the nature of intelligence and consciousness. Are the Autons truly alive, or are they just machines? Can they think and feel, or are they simply following programming? These are questions that have yet to be fully explored in Doctor Who.


The Autons are a fascinating and mysterious addition to the Doctor Who universe. Their plastic bodies and single-minded obedience make them formidable foes, and their ability to shape-shift makes them unpredictable and dangerous. As the series continues, it will be interesting to see how the Autons evolve and what new threats they will pose to the Doctor and his companions.

Uncovering the Origins of the Autons: Who Created Them?

Doctor Who fans have long been fascinated by the mysterious and deadly Autons. These robotic creatures, capable of shape-shifting and wreaking havoc on humanity, have appeared in several episodes of the popular sci-fi series. But where did the Autons come from, and who created them?

According to the show’s canon, the Autons were originally created by the Nestene Consciousness, a disembodied alien entity that can control plastic and other synthetic materials. The Nestene Consciousness first appeared in the 1970 episode «Spearhead from Space,» which also introduced the Autons to the Doctor Who universe.

The exact origins of the Nestene Consciousness and its motivations for creating the Autons remain a mystery, although it is hinted that they may have been created as a means of conquering other planets or as weapons in a war. However, the Autons have also been depicted as being capable of acting independently and making their own decisions, suggesting that their creators may have lost control over them.

Despite their enigmatic origins, the Autons have become one of the most iconic and memorable villains in the Doctor Who franchise. Their creepy, lifelike appearance and ability to blend in with human society make them an especially terrifying threat. The Autons have also inspired numerous spin-off stories and merchandise, cementing their place in the pantheon of Doctor Who monsters.

So, while the exact origins of the Autons may remain a mystery, their impact on Doctor Who and popular culture as a whole is undeniable. Fans will likely continue to be intrigued by these deadly plastic creatures for years to come.

Unveiling the Characters: Who Does the Doctor Encounter in Terror of the Autons?

In «Terror of the Autons,» the Third Doctor encounters a variety of characters, each with their own motivations and agendas. One of the most prominent is the Master, a renegade Time Lord who seeks to control the Autons, a race of sentient plastic beings, for his own purposes.

Another key character is Jo Grant, the Doctor’s new assistant, who initially struggles to adapt to the Doctor’s unconventional ways but ultimately proves to be a valuable ally in the fight against the Autons.

The story also introduces the character of Captain Yates, a UNIT officer who becomes involved in the Doctor’s investigations and develops a rapport with both the Doctor and Jo.

Other notable characters include the Nestene Consciousness, the hive mind that controls the Autons; Channing, a human collaborator who aids the Master in his schemes; and several ordinary citizens who unwittingly become pawns in the Autons’ efforts to take over the world.

Overall, «Terror of the Autons» offers a diverse and compelling cast of characters, each with their own role to play in the unfolding drama.

Discovering the Origins: When Were the Autons First Introduced?

The Autons are a fictional race of humanoid plastic creatures that have been featured in the popular British science fiction television series, Doctor Who. This iconic extraterrestrial species was first introduced in the Second Doctor’s story «Spearhead from Space,» which aired on January 3, 1970, and marked the start of the show’s seventh season.

Spearhead from Space was a four-part serial that saw the debut of Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor, and it also introduced the character of Liz Shaw, a scientist who becomes the Doctor’s companion for a brief period. The story revolves around a mysterious meteor that crashes to Earth and unleashes a wave of deadly plastic creatures known as the Autons.

The Autons were created by writer Robert Holmes and were designed by Sidney Newman and Barry Newbery. They were intended to be a replacement for the Daleks, the Doctor’s most famous adversaries, who were not available for use due to contractual issues. The Autons were a formidable foe, with the ability to shape-shift and control plastic objects, making them almost invincible.

The success of the Autons in «Spearhead from Space» led to their return in the Third Doctor’s second season, where they appeared in the story «Terror of the Autons.» This time, they were being controlled by the Master, a recurring villain in the series, who used them to carry out his evil plans.

The Autons have since made several appearances in the series, including in the Ninth Doctor’s debut episode, «Rose,» where they are once again unleashed on Earth by an alien intelligence known as the Nestene Consciousness. They have also appeared in various spin-off media, such as comics and novels.

In conclusion, the Autons have been an integral part of the Doctor Who universe since their debut in «Spearhead from Space» in 1970. Their ability to manipulate plastic objects and shape-shift has made them a formidable foe for the Doctor, and their popularity has ensured their continued presence in the series and its spin-off media.

Overall, The Autons are a classic Doctor Who monster that has stood the test of time. From their first appearance in 1970 to their recent appearances in the revived series, they continue to terrify audiences with their plastic faces and deadly abilities. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, The Autons are sure to leave a lasting impression. So the next time you see a shop mannequin, be sure to keep an eye on it – you never know when it might come to life.
In conclusion, The Autons remain a classic and terrifying villain in the Doctor Who universe. Their ability to shape-shift and blend into their surroundings makes them a formidable foe for the Doctor and his companions. Their first appearance in the show’s revival in 2005 was a strong nod to the original series and a testament to the lasting impact they have had on fans. The Autons may have been defeated numerous times by the Doctor, but their legacy lives on as one of the most memorable and iconic monsters in science fiction.

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