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Free quantum physics course


30 Aug Free quantum physics course

You have probably heard of the quantum physics o quantum mechanics Today, is that many scientific advances are based on these theories. Fits highlight that there is multitude of material pseudo-scientific that so only is based in some experiments concrete for remove conclusions philosophical, but that not will be our stop travelers. What you will find in this article?

What is quantum physics?

So serves the physical quantum?

Free quantum physics course

Free quantum mechanics course

What is quantum physics?

curso-fisica-cuantica-gratis-viajeros-en-el-tiempo-The Quantum physicsbased on the dual nature of matter particle/wave, developed by the quantum mechanics, describes how in any physical system there is a multiplicity of States resulting from uncertainty in the complete specification of observable quantities.

The quantum mechanics actual Bliss does not incorporate relativity in its formulation of mathematics, going a little further, note that quantum mechanics describes the instantaneous state of a system (quantum state) with a wave function that encodes the probability distribution of all measurable properties, or observable.

In the rigorous mathematical formulation, developed by Dirac and von Neumann, the States of a quantum system are represented by unit vectors (called States) that belong to a Hilbert space separable complex (called the space of States)

curso-fisica-cuantica-gratis-viajeros-en-el-tiempo-colisionIt may sound a little incomprehensible, I am aware of this, it could be that the quantum physics considers the matter in a State dual (particle/wave) that classical physics does not conceive how such. From this principle the thing gets much!

A little further down you will find the courses of quantum physics medium-advanced level, but if what you want is to have a general idea, we recommend several informative current books very interesting where you won't get lost among unintelligible formulas.

So serves the physical quantum?

curso-fisica-cuantica-gratis-viajeros-en-el-tiempo-cuerdasThere are currently numerous advances based on this theory applied to computing, cosmological research, Microengineering and other areas.

But if we were to stay with an overview, that the Quantum physics be the basis for a fully unified theory. Is soon to do this, but there are sheds that already the pose, how it known Edward Witten theory M.

Free quantum physics course

The first free quantum physics course I bring you is the higher Institute of Sciences and nuclear technology from Havana, Cuba, from Dr. Mario Piris Silvera.

You can document yourself structures of quanta of light, wave properties of matter, atoms monoelectronicos and multielectronicos among others. From a technical point of view and developed. do you think that you can understand it?

Become an expert! Free quantum physics course.

Además puedes encontrar un calculadora de derivadas muy útil que te ofrecerá soporte en estos cursos de física.

Free quantum mechanics course

The second free quantum physics course created by Julio Gratton trafficking more than by all the mechanics involved in the theory. The theory of Schrödinger, Central forces, angular momentum and hydrogen atom, Spin, identical particles, and others.

The quantum mechanics in your hands: Free quantum mechanics course.

If you want to understand the Quantum physics through popularizers of popularity and not want to lose yourself in complicated demonstrations or formulas we recommend the following titles:

Free quantum physics course
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