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Simultaneity in the travel in time

We introduce us squarely at theories about temporary events and which involve the temporary lines according to different sources.

Information about travel in time

A broad spectrum of elements surround the theories of travel in time, in time travelers we present wide documentation.

Travel through time in physics

We review the fundamental theories of relativity, multiverse, particle physics, to delve into details related to travel in time

Analysis of temporal paradoxes

Temporary travel could not be understood without the possibility of the emergence of paradoxes and we have to desentrelazarlas.


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Physics about travels in time

Solutions to paradoxes, scientific advances, perception, classical and unified theories.

Physical theories on the relation of weather to speed

According to the theory of relativity of EinsteinIt can be said that if anyone is able to move information from one point to another faster than the speed of light, according to special relativity, it is equivalent to an observer perceives a transfer of information back.

The general theory of relativity on the other hand it offers some additional theoretical possibilities, which we'll discuss in detail as they arise.

Travel to the future

In fact all particles continuously traveling into the futureSince time always flows in the same direction, and the passage of time is only the movement towards the future, in the terms in which the theory of relativity describes them.

However the flow of movement towards the future It can be somewhat slow for the duration of human life. To know what will happen tomorrow, just you have to wait a day without doing a shift in time, but knowing the future and, for example, meet our grandchildren or see the civilization within a thousand years is different.

The relativistic time dilation effect at least theoretically, it offers the possibility of travel to the future and preventing aging.

Proposed methods for travel in time

One of the methods on which most has been written based on the Wormholes, a machine of temporary travel that use a wormhole It would (hypothetically) work in the following way:

Creates somehow a wormhole. One end of the tunnel is accelerated to a speed close to that of light, perhaps with an advanced spaceship, and then returns back to the point of origin. Due to time dilation, the accelerated end of the tunnel has aged less than the stationary end (from the point of view of an outside observer).

Community of travellers in time and gifts Geeks online store

A place to inquire about the limits of the dimension of time, browse, share, and have a good time.

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Scientific developments, blog references, physical theories, futuristic and retro technology, reviews of movies and series, analysis of gadgets.

Make a journey in time with us for the most fun.

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