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Stephen Hawking “Shoot” to the stars


24 Apr Stephen Hawking “Shoot” to the stars

Stephen Hawking and the project-Starshot

alfa-centauri-starshot-viajeros-en-el-tiempoOne of the foremost astrophysicists of the planet, Stephen Hawkingauthor of numerous studies on the cosmos and a pioneer in the research of black holes, has sponsored the bolder program of space exploration in recent decades. The project “Starshot“powered by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, aims to launch into space, micronaves space and equipped with 'nanorobots', bound for the final frontier: the star system Alpha Centauri, 40 billion kilometers from Earth.

The presence of Stephen Hawking and the support of the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, they have given credibility to this stage of “science fiction” that, according to the British scientist, can be reality in a generation: a team of lasers catapultarían space ships, the size of a credit card, and however fitted with a micropropulsores of photons, nanocamaras and communication systems.

Capture a video of facilitated by Breakthrough Initiatives that shows a group of rays laser aimed at a lightweight spaceship (out of picture).

According to Yuri Milnerthat it was named in honour to the cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the ships would be able to travel through this system to one-fifth of the speed of light and reach the star system within the period of 20 years. Russian technology magnate, founder of Digital Sky technologies, has put $ 100 million in the project, integrated into Breakthrough Initiatives, the program for the search for extraterrestrial life that already was endorsed by Stephen Hawking last year at the Royal Society of London.

What makes us unique to humans is our ability to transcend our limits“said Stephen Hawking, on the presentation of the project ‘Starshot‘ (literally “Trip to the stars”) in New York. “The last limit is that stands between us and the stars, and with technologies like the ' candle light’ x-ray laser we can perhaps closer to that goal in the next generation”. “The odds of finding extraterrestrial life within a period of 20 years are probably very low,”joked the British physicist. “But it will be a big step in the cosmos. We are human and our nature is to fly”.

The physicist and mathematician Freeman Dysonof Princeton University, referred to the program ‘Starshot‘ as a definite change of strategy in space exploration. Freeman Dyson He recalled how almost everything done up to now has been in the wake of the European explorers who came to the “new world”loaded with heavy ships.”But there is another strategy that works, as showed the sailors in the Pacific Islands even before the arrival of Columbus in America”, Dyson recalled. “We send many ships, smaller and faster, and thus multiply the odds of arriving”He argues.

Stephen Hawking Once again surprises us sponsoring innovative projects, from Traveller in time We closely follow their discoveries in the field of Astrophysics. I still remember when a few years less amazed me with his theories to travel back in time, and think I could how go describing complex phenomena how the collapse of a star in an understandable way. If there is a character who has inspired Traveller in time is certainly Hawking. I think there is still some highly recommended documentaries in the sections of theories that address the multitude of issues based on their hypotheses and research.

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Stephen Hawking “Shoot” to the stars
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