Consistency conjecture

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A model that would explain temporal paradoxes

Novikov used a more mathematically related model to explain his consistency conjecture; where a billiard ball is shot into a wormhole so that it goes back in time and collides with its version of the past, in such a way that it would hit it and vary its course thus preventing it from entering the wormhole in the first place.

Consistency conjectureNovikov discovered that in his theory of consistency conjecture, there were many trajectories that could result from the same initial conditions. For example, the billiard ball could hit itself only slightly, resulting in a trip to the past slightly off course, which will later cause her to hit herself in the past slightly; this “sequence” of events (really a causal loop) is completely consistent and will not result in a paradox.

Novikov discovered that the probability of such events of his consistency conjecture, it wasn't zero, and the probability of inconsistent events was zero, so there is no problem with a temporary traveler try to do it whenever you end up performing consistent non-paradoxical actions.

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