String theory


According to string theory, an electron is not a “point” without internal structure and size zero, but a jumble of tiny strings vibrating in a more than four-dimensional space-time.

According to this theory, to level “microscopic” It would be perceived that the electron is not really a point, but a rope in a loop. A rope can do something besides moving; It can vary in different ways. If oscillates in a certain way, then, we see macroscopically an electron; But if it oscillates in a different way, then we would see a photon, or a quark, or any other particle of the standard model.

Space-time in which move strings and p-branes of the theory would not be ordinary space-time of 4 dimensions but a space of type Kaluza-Klein, in where four conventional dimensions are added 6 dimensions compactificadas in the form of Calabi-Yau variety. 1 temporal dimension, 7 dimensions apéndice and unenforceable in practice and ordinary 3-dimensional space therefore there is conventionally in string theory. The 7 dimensions only compactificadas would be relevant to small scales comparable to the Planck length.

Currently most string theorists work in supersymmetric theories; Hence string theory currently is called superstring theory and there are five theories of Superstrings that are related to the five modes that are known to implement supersymmetry on string model. The five theories were identified how limits of a single theory: the theory M.

Theory M

M theory would unify the five theories of superstring, where elements that can be not only vibrant strings but one higher dimensionality objects, called membranes or p-branes are defined. This theory identifies 11 dimensions, where the Supergravity interacts between membranes 2-5 dimensions. This signal the existence of infinite Parallel universessome of which would be like ours with differences, and others that would be unthinkable with 4 or 5 dimensions. This would explain the weakness of gravity, the graviton particle would be the only one that could pass through all membranes, losing its strength.

Explanatory videos to understand the nature of the 10 dimensions



String theory and travel in time

String theory us closer to possible travel physics in time, which would be solved the paradoxes by the existence of parallel universes, where the traveller at the time, as well as travel in the temporal dimension also would effect the transfer to another universe with another alternate timeline, and where they would not have effects events such as the grandfather paradox.

However, it is soon to give valid a theory M, where are unified under a membrane dimensions, but is another approach to take into account in the resolution of the travel time and the creation of the time machine.

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