Film about time travel: Predestination
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Film about time travel: Predestination


27 Sep Film about time travel: Predestination

predestination-pelicula-viajes-en-el-tiempo-viajeros-en-el-tiempoIt is definitely the best film of Time travel After the classic's Back to the future, and also my favorite.

We enjoy from paradoxes, temporary loops connected between themselves, and a plot that goes far beyond the complex. It's a film of 2014 and the merit of the script and the direction falls on Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig. And that lead to the film an extremely peculiar plot has its merit.

The truth is that I enjoyed watching it and I recommend it whenever the occasion arises.

A few weeks ago I came across an entry about Predestination of an acquaintance of our community on Twitter, also amateur to the Time travel. I will make reference to its entry because it seems to me of an excellent quality and at the height of the movie, which I consider to be a gem to take into account.

Alert now van spoilers on Predestination

The entrance of our Traveller in time recommended reads as follows:

In this story we have the character of Ethan Hawke, the waiter, which is a temporary agent who tries to prevent the terrorist failed, to commit more attacks. After being wounded in his last attempt to capture him appoint you one last mission before retiring: convinced John, also known under the pseudonym of single mother perform a journey in time with him.

What they are finding as the plot unravels are two temporary loops connected to each other. The first is related to the history of John and the second with the character of Ethan Hawke.

We know the past of John through his story, that tells that before it was a woman named Jane who was abandoned small in an orphanage. Already higher, fell in love with a man who disappeared shortly after leaving her pregnant and, as a result of a problematic birth, discovered that it was androgynous, and should change their sex. Also, to top it off, his daughter was kidnapped shortly after birth.

predestination-bar-pelicula-viajes-en-el-tiempo-viajeros-en-el-tiempoAfter learning this, seemingly linear history, the script creates the first loop with two time travel. In the first the waiter deceives to John to return to the past and kill to the man that you left pregnant when was Jane. But doing so John discovers that the man he was and is irretrievably doomed to repeat history. In parallel we see as Ethan Hawke's character is who kidnaps the daughter of John/Jane and how leads it to the orphanage of the past. Thus closes the first cycle. John, Jane and her daughter are the same person. A Hank without beginning or end, created thanks to the actions of the character of Ethan Hawke.

This paradox is possible thanks to the temporary travel and the change of sex of the character. As regards the first part, there is no any hits. However with the second I have some comments to make.

John says that at first I didn't want to look at what had become, something logical and consistent with the plot. However, once you look at the mirror and tries to reconcile with your new image is does not surprise to discover that he is the living portrait of the man who has screwed up her life. Is that normal? You've slept with him, has been the love of your life and it's probably the person you hate most in the world. And not to sound to see her in the mirror? Such is the trauma for the change of sex? Shortly after John says that whenever she looked in the mirror he remembered that bastard, what might slightly mitigate my criticism, however I think that it is not consistent enough. Perhaps if they had added a beard or something minimally changed its appearance could believe it more, but as shown in the film I think it loses a little credibility in terms of dramatic consistency.

predestination-chica-pelicula-viajes-en-el-tiempo-viajeros-en-el-tiempoIn addition, there is an additional problem. If we look at the genetics we all know that it is a risk to have offspring with close relatives for problems that can lead to the baby because of the similarity of genes. But it is not just that, it is that also to gather DNA from two identical people, they are producing a third that is a perfect replica of both. That is to have aim!

This first part of the film closes as soon as John travels to 1985 and becomes a temporary agent, as a waiter, and is represented in the graph with the colors pink and green.



We move on to the next loop, which concerns the temporal agent known as the waiter and that has taken me more headaches.

From the beginning know that the waiter suffered an accident that disfigured his face when trying to avoid an attack of the failed terrorist and subsequently make us know that it has been years behind him, who is the guard that takes more time in service and that may start you psychologically affect.

We later see as it tries to avoid the attack that left him injured again, and despite arriving before you can not avoid that everything will happen as happened the first time, including the encounter with his double. However, when it seems that the circle of its history has been closed and will be removed without ever discovering who was the terrorist failed, the script shows the two latest letters that had hidden: discover the terrorist is the largest, and is condemned to become; and it is also John/Jean before the accident that disfigured him.

I will first comment on this latest twist being the simplest.

predestination-pelicula-viajes-en-el-tiempo-viajeros-en-el-tiempo-johnThe sequence I think that it is clear. At the time where he wakes up with the new face, he knows what to expect. You have to deceive the previous male version so he conquers his female version and kidnap his version of the newborn to take her back to the orphanage. You have to do this because it is what guarantees its existence. The burden that it is reflected in the conversation that has with his superior just before the kidnapping. There Mr. Robertson reminds him that he is single, has no ancestors, and that it is necessary to do so. He knows the pain that brings their actions because them has suffered, but assumes that not have alternative. Also confesses his fear that the day comes in which do not know their future, since these steps that will give known them, since they are linked to its past.

But what they don't know is that shortly after retiring will not only know their future, but also get you death, because he is responsible for. And, when it is removed from the body, he finds that he is the terrorist failed in his future release. And that is possible because kit USFF transforming coordinates field (the time machine) is not disabled when it is removed, allowing you to go to commit attacks in different times.

And here is where the questions arise. Can you avoid becoming the terrorist? I believe that no, already that if does not commit the attacks John not will be injured and not become Ethan Hawke and therefore you can not intervene in their past to make life possible. But then, why his aged version tells him to not kill him, so will break the chain and not become a murderer? Maybe because it has always happened as well. His terrorist version was waiting for him in the laundry room with the notebook of cuts with the news that never happened, so I knew what was going to happen, and had to provoke him to make it happen, as it has always done. Otherwise the circle would break and it would never exist. He is responsible for his life.

predestination-film-viajes-en-el-tiempo-viajeros-en-el-tiempoBut is it really? There are certain details that seem to indicate, and the same character says it before dying: everything is a hoax of Robertson. And it is likely to be so, since there are several tracks throughout the film. For starters it appears in almost all periods of his life: goes to the orphanage to offer you the possibility of travelling into space, known before anyone who is a hermaphrodite, and is present just before the kidnapping. The only important event where it is not present is when it suffers the accident with the pump, but it surely is because he doesn't know that the two versions of the protagonist cross there, since he says subsequently to Ethan that he has made an illegal jump. If I had known that because it approaches the time machine its scorched version everything happened as it should, that unexpected leap had not bothered him. But that is not all.

In two conversations with Robertson is the key: in which are before the kidnapping tells him that he believes that if there is someone who is outside the Organization could get more things without so much control, and in which occurs just prior to leaving the service says that thanks to the failed terrorist agency greatly improved. Much chance, right? And if we take into account that immediately after gives him an envelope that will allow you to find a future version.

And now come the philosophical doubts. Attacks that discuss terrorist is supposed to avoid more deaths than those that cause. It is part of the justification that wields to commit at the end of the film, but if you always make them, did actually exist once those initial accident (spill of chemicals in 1974, Hamburg 1991 incident, terrorists) in the factory of weapons in 1968, etc? where have the news come from? Are like him, that exist in a permanent loop that begins and ends in the laundry or Robertson provided them? And the failed terrorist attacks? At the beginning of the film, he says that change day and why they can not catch it. However we know that to Robertson not you are interested in that it caught, so perhaps not is all exactly as you have to the protagonist. In addition, at any time we have seen that the reality has changed throughout history. Supposed that the protagonists see how to vary those dates?

If anyone has any answer or theories to these responses comments are appreciated.

predestination-chica-pelicula-viajes-en-el-tiempo-viajeros-en-el-tiempo-Finally, I will discuss a little something about the time travel that I stopped the previous arguments. For example, I have not commented that the time travel invented in 1981, which is considered time zero, and from there you can travel 53 years in any direction. A limitation that we hadn't seen so far on the blog. Also discussed at some point in the film that are 11 active agents while we also travel to Robertson (not have included it in the graph because it is impossible to know what is the order of his travels). And finally comment that this machine allows to move both in time and in space, something that doesn't always happen.

For the more clueless I leave here the dates in the order in which they appear in the film so that the history is understood together with the previous graph

on March 2, 1970. Accident with pump
on February 21, 1992. After the accident
Indefinite period of recovery
on November 6, 1970. Conversation at the bar
September 13, 1945. Jane abandoned at the orphanage
Growth of Jane
on April 3, 1963. Meet John
on June 24, 1963. John leaves him
on March 2, 1964. Abduction of the daughter
Changing sex and work as a writer
on November 6, 1970. It ends the conversation in the bar
on April 3, 1963. Meet Jane
on March 2, 1970. Accident with pump
on March 2, 1964. Abduction of the daughter
September 13, 1945. It is left in the orphanage
on June 24, 1963. Leaves Jane
on August 12, 1985. John enters the Agency and out waiter
on November 7, 1970. Grab the bottle at the bar
on January 7, 1975. Leaving the service
on March 6, 1975. Laundry



Excellent content and we have you to thank the material on the Predestination time travel film travel author of the reverse; Javier Beltran.

You can also see the assessment of the recoil made in Traveller in time, and of course, I recommend pass you by his blog and its Twitter profile.

What I liked most of the film is how is a classic problem of physics; The grandfather paradox. And is carrying it to the end with unexpected twists and the integration with the plot of “Failed terrorist“. Not to mention the peculiar portable time machine and “The Agency”.

A film to reflect on the destiny and dream with travel back in time.

If you could travel back in timeWhat do you dedicate? You'd lose the head trying to avoid disasters, or creating paradoxes?

Film about time travel: Predestination
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