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The Bootstrap paradox


09 Feb The Bootstrap paradox

robert-a-heinlein-paradoja-bootstrapThe Bootstrap paradox of time travel It consists in that the information or objects can be created without being created. Once an object or information in particular is sent to back in timeThis will be recovered in the present and becomes the same object or information that was initially sent to the past.

Therefore in the Bootstrap paradox a traveller in time It would be no changing history, but creating it to be the carrier of information or object, and thus these become those who are sent back in time. In this situation, the origin of the elements is not discernible, may not know where they come from. This creates a causal loop without knowing the origin throughout the process. The Bootstrap paradox also it is known how paradox of the causal loop.

Example of Paradox Bootstrap

We put an example taken from Doctor WhoWe say that we traveled back in time to meet Beethoven with his scores we sign them, but arriving at his time we discover there is no Beethoven. Then, I I have of his scores, can I become an amazing Beethoven Traveller in time self-determined by the circumstance, but the question is what is the origin of the scores.

The Bootstrap paradox owes its name to a book on time travelBy His Bootstraps” of Robert A. Heinlein. You can it Download in Spanish, entitled “On their own“. To which we will try to make a reference complete later.

This Paradox It has been used on numerous occasions in science fiction, you can find more information about the causal loop in wikipedia. We also recommend to visit our sections on the chronology protection and retrocausality to have a more complete view of the consistency of the paradoxes.

The Bootstrap paradox
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